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Anny's Bio
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Anny Beck – Mountain High Ride Director

Anny Beck has been riding ultra-distances for 34 years. At the age of 27 Anny developed a love of riding across the USA with Wandering Wheels. She became totally obsessed with ultra-distances, crossing the U.S. with Wheels in 1979, 80, 82, 83, 85, 89 and 1990. They rode in teams of 6, with 11 teams on the road. Anny was chosen to be a Team Leader for the last four of these treks overseeing and light coaching in rider safety, etiquette and teamwork skills. They averaged 100 miles a day, camping in a wide variety of places wherever they could find a place to camp, including National Parks, high school gyms, and multi-denominational church floors. The trips took between 4-6 weeks depending on the route. She earned a Silver Medal for crossing five times, the 2nd female to ever accomplish it at the time.

RAAM History – In 1996 Anny was the only female on a four-tandem men’s relay team that came in 1st place. John Williams was the team captain. This was the first time a four-tandem team had ever raced across the U.S. in RAAM. Anny was elated when she was also voted to be on the 1997 team, racing with another four-tandem men’s relay team and again came in 1st place. Her tandem captain was Dennis Kokas. In both years her teammates dubbed her and her captain as the “climbing tandem”.

PAC Tour History - In September 2005 Anny rode her 8th trip across the United States, this time with PAC Tour. This transcontinental trek averaged 139 miles each day for 25 days with no rest days. Many days were longer with the longest day at 160 miles. Anny was also allowed to bring her tandem and she rode 8 of those days as a stoker with various PAC Tour riders. It was a different type of cross-country cycling, as they slept on a real bed in motels, had warm showers, and didn’t have to jump in rivers or lakes along the way.

California Triple Crown History - Anny has currently accomplished 74 CTC doubles. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009.

Other Doubles - Utah’s Desperado Duo 3 times, test rode her own three double centuries, Joshua Tree Double, Borrego Double and Oceanside Double. She also test rode White Mountain Double, rode Knoxville DC and Death Valley unsupported.

Tandem Captains – Anny is well known for her love of tandeming. Many of the doubles were ridden on her own tandem. She gives the following credit in partnering with her on double centuries: John Williams, Dennis Kokas, Hugh Murphy, Dan Crain, Ken Holoway, Mojo Cosgrove, Richard Hoff, Mark Gunther, Shawn Mehafffey and Roland Hoffman. Each one of these riders have their own phenomenal resumes. Anny prefers riding tandem on ultra-distance rides because of the team-work skills involved and the camaraderie.

Brevets - Anny trained and rode the inaugural California Gold Rush on tandem with Dan Crain, which is California’s answer to Paris-Brest-Paris. Since then she has ridden many brevets, just to ride them, without the goal of riding a 1200K. The most beautiful one of all was the 600K (375 miles in 24 hours) in the area of Santa Rosa, captained by Ken Holoway on tandem.

Everest Challenge – Another tremendous accomplishment, Anny came in 1st place three times in this prestigious Race to Win California-Nevada State Climbing Championship. The two-day stage race consisted of 186 miles, with an elevation gain of 29,028 feet. She teamed up with Dan Crain twice and each time came in 1st place. She also raced it 2 times on her single bike. The last time she took 1st place in her 55-60 age category. She claims this was the hardest type of cycling event she’s ever ridden, all four times!

World Senior Games, St. George, Utah - Waiting ten years to turn 50 for this one, she entered the category for non-licensed racers, (not pros), and racked up all four Gold Medals.

Tours - San Francisco to LA three times, Oregon Coast, Colorado Rockies, Washington State, and a Thailand small group tour with tour guide Richard Hoff in Nov-Dec 2013.

Occupation - For the last four years Anny has been a Naturopath Doctor utilizing a Spectra-Vision Health Scan machine. This highly sophisticated machine induces digital signals into the body’s bio-field energy system in a non-invasive way through the process of induction (similar to how a radio works). Information is gathered according to specific mathematical asymmetries and matched up to homeopathies that address priority issues. The scan tests all minerals, vitamins, allegories, hormones, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungus, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, chakras, colors and other things. Prior to this, Anny enjoyed a nursing career for 34 years in various fields. Her favorite nursing occupations were as an Occupational Health (Company) Nurse and as a C.N.A Instructor.

Double Century Director – Anny organizes three CTC double centuries, Joshua Tree DC, Borrego DC and the new Oceanside DC. Because of the fact she rides double centuries herself and has volunteered on numerous double centuries, this knowledge has helped with her ride-directing skills. She works hard to provide quality rides with excellent friendly support and products she herself would prefer on a double. Pure alkaline water made specifically for endurance athletes, ionic mineral supplements, Hammer products, natural anti- inflammatories, and food that actually helps a rider perform optimally on the ultra-course.

Anny’s short term goals - Anny plans to start a professional research project on double century riders who are 50 and over to promote longevity in the sport. There are studies on marathon runners and tri-athletes, but no one has done a study specifically on double century riders. She uses funds from her double centuries toward acquiring new test and regeneration equipment specifically for improving double century performance, healing injuries and addressing degeneration issues. She attends seminars and conventions frequently to stay updated being aware that knowledge doubles every two years.

Anny has two long-term goals. The first is to ride across the U.S. 10 times. Her second goal is to ride across the U.S. when she is 100 years old with the same knees and body parts she was born with!

Anny’s Bikes – She rides a custom Calfee single with swirls of sherbet colors so she doesn’t feel she has to coordinate her clothes to match. She had her carbon Calfee tandem custom painted in multi-colors because she enjoys all the colors in a non-design, design. On the boom tube of her tandem is the words “31 Flavors” because ice cream and cycling go hand-in-hand! On the chain-stay it has the inscription “God Has Been Good”. The reason for this is she says it’s her way of giving God credit for the many times He has kept her safe on the bike. Riding safely is utmost important, however, no matter how safe one rides, there are still times when she knows God has intervened to keep her safe. One time a huge tree limb fell just seconds in front of her, barely missing her bike and head. Or the one time…and it goes on and on for uncountable times over the years.

Mission Statement – To pass on to others what has been passed on to me by cycling friends.

Edited by CTC Member Lynne Billie

See You at the Top, "Unstopable"!
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