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Oceanside Double Century Cancelled Sorry Saturday, October 23, 2021

Oceanside Double Century highland 15,000 & lowland 7,500 is Oct 24, 2020  A Virtual Double Century is understood as a ride that can
start and finish anywhere and requires you to send in your strava per California Triple Crown rules.

Waiver is required before starting ODC, V.:

Price is a scant 45.00 for checks, and 50. paypal. Therefore Oceanside Virtual D.C.  will NOT start at: Days Inn, Carmelo Dr.. in
Oceanside.  You may start any time, on any day starting Oct.10th, 2020 - Nov. 7th, 2020, giving you a window of two weeks before to two
weeks after, to ride per Calif. Triple Crown rules.  You have 24 hours to Finish, and can start anytime. The usual time for this ride to start is
4:30-6:30 am.  This double does count as Cal Triple Crown credit after sending in waiver and strava.

  If you would like a jersey, you will need to let me know, as I need to get enough requests.  It will say :Oceanside Virtual Double Century on
front and back, and will have a check next to highland or lowland noting the one you accomplished.  

There is NO early bird nor late fee.  There are no further discounts for a 45. price, check, /50. PayPal, which is discounted for everyone.

There are no rest stops. You will need to find sag support, and design your route (via ridewgps.)  The ride description is of the REAL
Double Century of course, and not a "virtual" D.C. 

Reading the "Rules" in the website regarding Virtual Double requirements and expectations is your responsibility; i.e. ins., acts of God,
etc. Again,  Strava is required per CTC rules, which Mtn. HIgh Cycling, Oceanside D.C. Virtual upholds. Waiver, signed, printed and dated
before the D.C. starts, is also required.  200 miles is the minimum, per CTC Virtual D.C. rules. 24 time limit. 

California Triple Crown has their rules posted on their website, which all Ride Organizers, Cyclists and Volunteers are required to abide by.

Oceanside Double Century is technically 191miles, BUT, CTC RULES FOR VIRUTAL DOUBLE CENTURIES IS 200 MILES MINIMUM. you
need to plan to ride 200 miles; it needs to show that on your strava. As aforementioned, a new form of waiver is also required. https://roadneverends.wixsite.com/ovdc20

I would also appreciate a start, finish, and midway picture; not mandatory, but I surely would appreciate it, as your Ride Director/Producer.
  I would also appreciate hearing about your ride via phone, Facebook, text, or email howhighwillyouclimb@verizon.net/ 562.964.8041.  

To clarify again, the San Diego County did not give a Permit to produce this double as it usually is produced, therefore it is NOT gong to
happen in the usual ways.  You will need to either ride it on your own, or make up a ride route with the same mileage and elevation, from
your home or the place you choose, and ride it.  Therefore, if you live in any State of the USA, and ride 200 miles with elevation of 15,000 or
as low as 7,500 on or before Nov. 7th, 2020. You will receive Oceanside Double Century credit, California Triple Crown Credit, and, if you
ride it outside of Calif. I will give you credit in the U.S.A. Triple Crown Double Century category too, but it will  be under the State of which
you rode it, in that category.  So if you live in Mass. and you ride a double in that State, you will get Mass. U.S.A. Triple Crown ride credit, but
not Calif. ride credit for U.S.A. Triple Crown. That said, you would get Calif. Triple Crown credit for riding the DC "virtually" in your State.

U.S.A. Triple Crown is ride 3 double centuries in 3 years in 3 different States...or however many years or months it takes. If your DC goes
through two States, the State you started and finished in, would be the State you get credit for.  You have longer to do this, whereas Calif.
Triple Crown and Colorado Triple Crown is you would be riding three double centuries in the same State during one year.  Also, Colorado
has specific double centuries you'd need to ride each year as far as I know.  In Calif. where you can choose any of the doubles for ride
credit.  There used to be several States that put on doubles, and I think Virginia used to put on one for free, but these may have
disappeared due to the current situation.  That said, you are free to design and ride your own, for U.S.A. Triple Crown; like the Virtual CTC,
but you are not matching miles and elev. to another D.C., nor the 2 weeks before and after time window. 

Either way, Keep Riding Double Centuries!!

Anny Beck, O.D.C. Ride Dir., U.S.A. Triple Crown Dir.



Date:Saturday, October 23, 2021
Start Time: 4:30-5:00-5:30-6:00
Time Limit:22:00 hours
Total Mileage/Elevation:200 Miles 15000 Ft
Rest Stops:There will be 6 Rest Stops plus dinner
Time Limit:2200 Hours

Good weather, often foggy along coast early in am.  After lunch, climbing Montezuma it can go from breezy to windy, then after summit,
there's a long down hill, and could get chilly up in the mountain area.  On the way back in the Oceanside area along the bike path, it
could become foggy again.

The following paragraph does not apply for Oceanside Virtual Double Century: 

Drop bag service helps you to be prepared for weather, and anything you may need, that you don't want to carry all day. It works like this:
 At the Ride Start, and or Rest Stop 1, you can pick up a brown paper sack, to put your lights, warm gear, spokes, etc. in,
and it will be forwarded to the last rest stop where you can pick up your bag, which has your lights and warm clothes. You can have a bag
sent to one or both RS 5, and RS 6.  You will write on your bag your name and the number Rest Stop you want it sent to.  Always bring
more warm clothes, batteries, and lights than you think you will need.  They just stay in your bag if you don't need them.  Bags left can be
picked up at Finish Sun, am. or  very late Sat. night.  

Ride Price:
Reg.Fee:$125.00 From Friday, July 23, 2021 at 12:00 Midnight
to Monday, January 1, 1900 at
Ends in Passed
Registration Closes:Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 12:00 Midnight
Day of Ride: CASH ONLY $145.00
Oceanside 150:$40.00 Oceanside -Julian Loop
Oceanside 125:$40.00 Oceanside-Julian Round Trip
Places to Stay and Eat:Click Here
Online Registration:Closed. Please check back for next years ride.
Online Volunteer:Closed. Please check back for next years ride.
Registered Rider List:View Registered Rider List
Volunteer List:View Volunteer List
Riders Only Area: Riders Only Area
Volunteers Only Area: Volunteers Only Area
Sponsors:Click Here
Contact Us:Mountain High Cycling
10525 Somerset Bl. 1-B
Bellflower, CA 90706-1152
General Rules
Route GPS Map


Oceanside Double Century VIRTUAL highland is 200 miles,w 15,000 elevation, highland, is you may ride from anywhere, then send in
your strava.  That said, stationary bikes and zwift/trainer, and electric bicycles are not given Mtn. High Double Credit.  There is also a
lowland course option of 7,500 ft. minimum.  200 miles in the minimum requirement for both options.  Time limit: 24hrs.  Please read the
few  rules before you make your committment to ride ODC, V.  Waiver : signed & date:  https://roadneverends.wixsite.com/ovdc20  
Must send in strava. Pictures appreciated. Price 45. check to Mtn. High Cycling, Anny Beck 10525 Somerset, 1-B, Bellflower, CA 90706 OR
PayPal 50. Volunteers are given CTC credit for supporting ODC V. riders and are very much appreciated.
Description of the REAL Oceanside double century, (which is cancelled this year, therefore the virtual in its place):  This REAL double was
designed for ultra-distance cyclists who want to enjoy  a variety of scenery, with very few signal lights and stop signs, on  good paved
roads. Riding heads south towards the Oceanside Light House and Harbor, passing the infamous pier, to to Carlsbad riding along side
the ocean, then  turns inland at Encinitas..  Heading east, Ramona grade, is your first climb, five miles, of about 4-5%,   in quiet morning
hours, avoiding traffic on Ramona grade. It then connects to Old Julian (back) Rd., a six mile moderate climb, and on over to  Santa Ysabel
for Apple Pie. There is one more seven mile 4-6% mountain type climb to the summit, in old the historic country western town of Julian,
where you may pass the one-horse buggy walking along the one country block.

Next, comes an awesome 17 mile descent down Banner Grade into the beautiful  California  Borrego desert on a flat road with two/ half
mile chocolate-chip type hills, then flats with short fun dips and a usual tailwind, usually,that eventually lead to the left –fork turn towards
Borrego Springs..
At this turn, there is a two mile 4-6% climb, with an eight mile descent that overlooks another view of the Borrego desert, leading you to
lunch  at the Park in the center of the road, Lunch. ( Your last signal light was at 50.7 in Ramona, and your next signal will not be until
155.5, Valley Center). From lunch, continue around the Park circle heading west with a three mile warm-up before you begin your climb
out, on Montezuma grade. This eleven mile mountain climb is your major climb of the ride, with temperatures cooler if you left very early, to
  warm, but not as hot as they could be, and. with the winds on the last 5-6 miles picking up gradually. I highly recommend you leave as
early as you can, ascending this mtn. earlier in the day, because the winds may kick up.  There is a water stop half way up.   From the
Summit at Ranchita, a ten mile sweeping,  downhill is your payback,  leading  to Lake Henshaw, RS 4.  From here, you'll ride a flat twenty
mile stretch along the base of Palomar Mountain, then descend five miles to Valley Center Road, RS 6.
       The  next climb, Valley Center Rd., is  3.5 miles of a 4% grade, which is the last major climb. That said, along Lilac Road,  are
mild 1-3% grade back road, short, gentle rollies leading to a descent for 10 miles, to Bonsol, Rest Stop 6.
From Bonsol to the ocean is virtually flat for 13 miles.  The last seven miles are on the bike path, ending at the ocean, a mile from the Finish.

     192 miles is not quite 200, but for ODC VIRTUAL, 200 MILES IS REQUIRED BY CTC.  

Continuing with the description, the climbing makes up for the lack of miles, and the beauty on back roads is worth it.   This ride has
full support,  along with 6 Rest Stops plus dinner at the Finish.   Time limit is 24 hours fro the VIRTUAL. There are NO long steep pitches!

If coming from out of the area you may want to consider taking the Metrolink or Amtrack train whereby you can hang up your bike, keep your
eye on it.  The train station is just a mile from the ride Start/Finish.   

If driving, the host hotel is a half mile from the first Oceanside exit, if coming from the north.  There is a large parking lot, a half mile south,
if driving in that morning. 

This is a California Triple Crown approved Double Century.

Looking forward to seeing you for a beautiful Oceanside Double Century!


See You at the Top, "Unstopable"!
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All Rights Reserved
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